Bold Pipeline Services LLC

Pipeline Services

What We do

You deserve a provider who can complete an entire job for you instead of just a portion of services. With safe and quality work guaranteed, Bold Pipeline is all of that and more.


Bold Pipeline has the manpower to tackle any job before us! Our team is expertly trained and has years of experience in the pipeline industry, allowing us to provide our clients with the best possible service.

Bold Pipeline team working on the site for the pipeline project.
SANY TB excavator working on a large metal pipe sitting on top of wooden pallets.

Valve Greasing

We can help protect your valves! Keeping valves lubricated and greased is essential for a smooth, continuous operation. Not only does this reduce torque to the necessary levels, but it also ensures proper seating of valves – leading to optimal performance.


Are you looking for a secure way to fortify your pipeline area? Let’s add a fence to your asset! Not only will the addition of a fence help deter trespassers and protect against pesky animals, but it also provides privacy to the area for added safety measures.

Bulldozer digging a hole on a dirt road.
Farm equipment cutting grass on a sunny day.

R.O.W. and Site Mowing and Maintenance

Bold Pipeline Services offers unparalleled right-of-way clearing and maintenance services to the pipeline industry. With top-of-the-line equipment, a highly dedicated team, and extensive experience in land maintenance such as mowing sites, Bold Pipeline is committed to ensuring maximum safety for all pipelines it works with.

Contract Pigging

Pipeline pigging is essential to any well-maintained pipe system. Pigs are specially designed devices that travel through pipelines and clean them while also checking their conditions – all without disrupting the flow of product!

Pipeline service truck with a hose attached, parked on a dirt road.
A man working on a pipeline site on a sunny day.


Are you looking for ways to optimize your pipeline’s performance? Bold Pipeline can help with the installation of flowlines, which will enhance productivity and give increased power to your operations.

Pipeline Construction

Our team of technicians and welders specialize in construction that is unrivaled – from small to large scale, nothing stands between them and your dream pipeline. Steel? Poly? Fiber line installation & fabrication no matter the size or location; our experts have it covered with confidence!

A large pipe being transported on a truck bed.
Yellow excavator sitting on top of a dirt field, ready to start construction.

Pipeline Decommissioning

Ready for a major upgrade? Bold Pipeline is your go-to source for efficient pipeline decommissioning. Rest assured that breaking down and taking apart an old system doesn’t have to be complicated anymore!

Pipeline Tie-Ins

Bold Pipeline can expertly link pipelines, whether it’s connecting a pipeline to an existing facility or uniting different sections of the same system. In short, they bring together even the trickiest pieces in order to ensure efficient transportation.

Excavator Digging Hole for Construction Project.
Heavy Machinery digging the ground for pipeline.

Line Locating

Let us take the hassle out of your project by pinpointing all necessary utility lines before you break ground. Your digging can commence with peace of mind!