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Your Pipeline Partner in Kenedy, Texas

Bold Pipeline Services is committed to completing oil and gas pipeline construction as well as maintenance services to top leading energy companies within the United States. We can address many industry challenges your business may face, and with our dedication to exceed safety standards and expectations, we work hard to create solutions for the unexpected.

Our Services in Kenedy, Texas

We handle pipeline construction in-house and on-site, as well as fabrication and installation. Have a large project to complete within Kenedy? Our team is familiar with various sizes of steel, poly, or fiber lines. For any feat, our welders and technicians collaborate together to make your project work. 

We are happy to complete Civil Construction, including but not limited to: road construction, maintenance, pad construction and general excavations. Our operators understand the importance of work that needs to be done prior to installation, that’s why they follow planned projects as you require, all the way down to final inspection. Ask us about our gas plant installation process as well!

An excavator digging a trench for a pipeline on a construction site.

Maintenance for Pipelines

Every operation needs a reliable and fully functional pipeline. Your pipeline should undergo regular and routine inspections, where leak detections, pigging, hydro testing and line locating are all prioritzied. Our team provides the equipment and necessary number of personnel to repair issues your project may run into.


Our team is highly familiar with fabrication of straight lengths, complex headers and equipment tie-ins. Your piping system should be able to process and transport the materials passing through it without any compromising. Get started with Bold Pipeline Services in Kenedy, Texas, today!

A large pipe is being built in a trench in the woods.
A man standing next to an excavator on a dirt field. The excavator is working on a pipeline.


Hydrodynamic loads should always be kept to a minimum. For safe and proper installation and completion of a project, let our team complete your well hookups and maintenance. We can help you lighten the workload.


Your wellheads, sale points, lease roads to facility and lease clean up, as well as equipment installation all need proper maintenance and updates. Our crew can complete all of this and more.  Bold Pipeline Services serves all of the great state of Texas and we are ready to help you in Kenedy, as soon as you need! Contact us today to get started on any project request you need.
Man on a construction site examining the progress of work.

Partnering for a Greener Future

Bold Pipeline Services recognizes the importance of integrating sustainable practices in the oil and gas industry. While our existing operations inherently contribute to reducing truck traffic, we are dedicated to helping our customers implement eco-friendly solutions such as carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) technologies.

We are ready to collaborate and support your efforts in adopting advanced CCUS methods like point-source capture and direct air capture. Let’s work together to create a lasting positive impact on our environment and move towards a more sustainable oil and gas industry.

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